Traffic analysis of the Attilastraße urban district in Berlin

In the Berlin district Tempelhof-Schöneberg, a new, innovative and low-car use quarter is being created between Attilastraße and Röblingstraße. VCDB is investigating the effects of the project on the surrounding traffic network and provides consulting services on the inner development of the quarter.

Traffic concept Frankfurter Allee Nord in Berlin

For the large area north of the Frankfurter Allee in Berlin Lichtenberg, VCDB is carrying out an overall traffic planning concept. This involves in-depth studies for three spatial focal points, including the Campus for Democracy on the site of the former Ministry for State Security of the GDR.

Traffic assessment Berlin "Siemensstadt 2.0"

"Siemensstadt 2.0" is to be built on the site of the previous production and industrial location Siemensstadt. The objective of the traffic assessment was to create an expert opinion for the urban development competition, including an evaluation of the quality of development of the planning area for all modes of transport.

Analysis of requirements and adaptation of workshop equipment based on the new NGT DX DD tram

DVB AG will put a new generation of NGT DX DD trams with 2.65 m wide car bodies into operation from June 2021. VCDB will accompany the necessary spatial adaptation measures in the workshops and the planning of the workshop equipment.

Feasibility study for a possible tram line to Zeisigwaldstraße in Chemnitz

A feasibility study is to examine how the bus line 51 between Chemnitz main station and Zeisigwaldstraße can be replaced by a tram. A cost-benefit analysis will then be carried out to determine eligibility for funding.

Learning workshop fuel cell buses

Fahrzeugmanagement Region Frankfurt RheinMain GmbH has commissioned VCDB to support its project "Fuel Cell Bus Learning Workshop" by developing a vehicle specification for fuel cell buses and to accompany the use of the vehicles from the planning stage through the preparation of the specifications to procurement and operation.

Traffic Study House of Statistics (Development Plan 1-105), Berlin

The former House of Statistics near Berlin's Alexanderplatz is to be given a new use. It is planned to establish an urban mix of administrative and other office uses, cultural facilities and various forms of housing. The development plan that is currently being drawn up for this purpose will be accompanied by the VCDB in terms of traffic.

Traffic study for the creation of accessibility for people with reduced mobility in Berlin-Spandau

VCDB has developed the traffic basics to improve the accessibility in the study area in the district of Spandau. For this purpose, traffic surveys were conducted and evaluated. On the basis of these data and on the basis of the area structures, measures were developed to promote accessibility.

Integrated quarter concept Kempten "Stiftsstadt Ost"

As part of the programme "Energetic Urban Redevelopment" - Transport sub-sector, an innovative, environmentally friendly mobility concept was developed with a focus on increased use of local public transport, the establishment of a neighbourhood-based Car-Sharing model, making cycling more attractive and strengthening "walking".

Conception of public transport offer and implementation planning for urban transport in the district of Nordsachsen

Within the scope of the project the examination, evaluation and revision of the urban public transport networks in the cities of Bad Düben, Delitzsch, Eilenburg, Oschatz, Schkeuditz and Torgau was carried out.

Accompanying the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in the approval of public transport services

The district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld intended to issue licences for regional bus services. VCDB provided the technical support and carried out the entire process from the preparation of the announcement to the evaluation of the applications and recommendation for the granting of a licence.

Investigation of bus depot locations for the Verkehrsmanagement Elbe-Elster

VerkehrsManagement Elbe-Elster currently runs four depot locations in its southern operating area. A long-term concept for the future depot locations was developed and evaluated.

Electric bus operation of Stadtverkehr Friedrichshafen GmbH

In preparation for upcoming tendering procedures for public transport services in the urban area of Friedrichshafen, the VCDB is commissioned by Stadtverkehr Friedrichshafen GmbH to carry out a detailed feasibility study to examine the technical and economic requirements for the implementation of an electric bus system.

Production supervision of Alstom Citadis trams for VGF Frankfurt/Main

VGF has awarded Alstom to deliver 43 Citades trams. Those trams are going to be inspected in nearly every production step by the specialists of VCDB. Beginning with first-article-inspections and raw carbody inspections up to the factory acceptence test.

Production support for Bozankaya (Turkey)

As subsuplier for Siemens Bozankaya built the metro trains for Bangkok. VCDBs welding engineers were entrusted to establish welding procedures and perform quality inspections as well as staff training and examinations.

Project review for the tram depot Ständlerstraße (Munich)

The workshop planning team supports BbA in the project review to check the preliminary planning for the conversion and new construction of a tram depot of Stadtwerke München GmbH in Ständlerstraße, which includes parking area, workshops as well as administration and social buildings.

Alternative drive concepts in the bus sector of SWU Verkehr – Hydrogen buses

In a feasibility study, SWU Verkehr had the VCDB investigate the use of alternative drives in the bus sector. On the basis of the system decision, VCDB has been commissioned with the subsidy management for the pilot use of hydrogen buses in addition to the subsidy management for electric buses.

Cost-benefit analysis of the connection of Moitzfeld to the tram line 1 Bergisch Gladbach with an autonomous bus system

On behalf of Milteny Biotec GmbH, VCDB, in cooperation with other project partners, is investigating the connection of the technology park in Bergisch Gladbach and the district of Moitzfeld to the Cologne city tramline 1 at Bensberg station using an autonomous bus system.

Evaluation of the traffic situation in the Meiereifeld in Kleinmachnow

The municipality of Kleinmachnow is facing the challenge of a compatible handling of local and inter-local traffic. Especially the road Meiereifeld/Uhlenhorst shows through traffic, truck traffic, accidents and problems with school route safety. VCDB has developed measures to improve the situation.

Production supervision of 12 Stadler Tango and 14 Stadler Variobahnen for Aarhus (Denmark)

The community of Aarhus is the second largest and fastest-growing city in Denmark. Thus a light rail system was established to fulfill the demand for public transport. VCDB was responsible for quality checks of both vehicles types in Switzerland and Berlin as well for checks in Aarhus.

Production supervision of Bombardier U5 intermediate cars for VGF Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Due to a growing demand for public transport, VGF is going to expand the existing U5 fleet with intermediate cars. As all vehicles before, those will be inspected by VCDBs engineers. This includes raw-carbody inspections as well as factory acceptance tests.

Project review for the underground station Neuperlach Süd (Munich)

The workshop planning team supports BbA in the project review to check the preliminary planning for the new construction of a underground station of Stadtwerke München GmbH in Ständlerstraße, which includes parking area for 30 trains, workshops, interlocking as well as administration and social buildings.

Production supervision of 6 Stadler Variobahnen for Bergen (Norway)

As Bergen Lightrail Bybanen (Norway) is still successful a second tram line with a length of 9 km is under construction. 6 new Stadler Variobahnen have been ordered to serve on this new line. As for all vehicles before VCDB is going to supervise the whole production process in the sites of Stadler in Poland and Berlin.

Alternative drive concepts in the bus sector of SWU Verkehr – Electric buses

In a feasibility study, SWU Verkehr had the VCDB investigate the use of alternative drives in the bus sector. On the basis of the system decision, VCDB has now been commissioned with the management of subsidies for the use of electric buses.

Elbepark mobility concept

For getting to Elbepark, private car transport currently is the dominant mode of transport. Efforts are being made to increase the share of public transport, walking and cycling among employees, customers and visitors. For this purpose, VCDB has developed an integrated traffic concept with a focus on these modes of transport.

Optimisation of the school transport of the Magdeburg public transport company

On behalf of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe, VCDB is investigating the student traffic flows in Magdeburg in order to check the capacity utilisation of individual student trips. Based on this, measures for the optimisation of school transport and thus for a better handling of school transport will be developed.

Tram Trains ET2010 for Karlsruhe

The success of „model Karlsruhe“ and the expansion of its service area have required an expansion of vehicle fleet by dual-voltage vehicles according to BOStrab and EBO. We won the contract for quality supervision of all three options mainly due to our extensive experience in both trams and mainline railways.

Stadler Citylink Low-floor trams NET2012 for Karlsruhe

VCDB not only perfomed quality checks on the ET2010 tram-trains, but also on the NET2010 low-floor-vehicles. These were built in Valencia by Stadler. VCDB conducted several quality checks on every vehicle.

Electric bus RBS/BSU – Requirements specification of electric bus depots and guideline for fleet electrification

VCDB is supporting the affiliated Swiss companies RBS and BSU in their migration to an electric bus system. By analysing the operational, infrastructural and economic framework and requirements, both transport company's needs in the transition process are taken into account.

Conversion of Dresden-Gruna bus depot of Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe

In order to take into account the changed requirements with regard to maintenance when DVB AG entered the field of "electric mobility", VCDB as general planner planned the conversion of the workshop of the central bus depot in Dresden-Gruna.

EUREF-Campus Berlin

The EUREF Campus in Berlin stands for innovative and sustainable companies, institutions and start-ups in the field of energy, sustainability and mobility. By means of a traffic flow simulation, the traffic flows resulting from an expansion of the location were mapped in various forecast scenarios (development stages).

Preparation of the user requirements specification for the tram depot in Dresden-Gorbitz

For the extension of the tram depot in Dresden-Gorbitz, VCDB coordinates and prepares the user requirements specification and defines the basic workshop layouts in advance of the planning phase.

Tram depot in Dresden Trachenberge of DVB AG

VCDB was in charge of the planning and realisation of the second expansion stage for the conversion of the DVB AG depot in Dresden-Trachenberge. Central elements were the construction of a parking hall for trams with an area of approx. 15,000 m² and a diesel filling station for buses during operation.

Local public transport concept Regen district

One of the most scenic railway networks in Germany is the Waldbahn in the Bavarian Forest. In addition to the railway lines, the study included the bus lines of the district and cross-border traffic. The concept includes measures with the aim of making public transport more attractive.

Preparation of the user requirements specification for the tram depot in Leipzig-Heiterblick

In preparation for the planning of a new operating workshop for 150 railways at Leipzig-Heiterblick, VCDB and the project management of LVB are developing a user requirements specification.

Workshop planning for the tram operating workshop in the Technical Centre Heiterblick of Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe

For LVB, the VCDB was responsible for the design planning of the workshop equipment for the 2nd construction phase of the Technical Centre Heiterblick for the new building of the workshop.

Support of Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe with the acquisition of tablets for vehicle operation assistance

Fahrzeugmanagement Region Frankfurt RheinMain GmbH has commissioned VCDB to support its project "Fuel Cell Bus Learning Workshop" by developing a vehicle specification for fuel cell buses and to accompany the use of the vehicles from the planning stage through the preparation of the specifications to procurement and operation.

Electric bus operation of the Hessischen Landesbahn GmbH

Hessische Landesbahn GmbH (HLB) will benefit from a technical and economic advice on the design of a potential electric bus system at the Hofheim location. VCDB is developing a charging infrastructure concept from the transfer point of the network operator to the charging connection of electric buses.

Conversion of the tram depot Dresden-Trachenberge

VCDB as general planner was responsible for the complete planning of the conversion and new construction of the Trachenberge depot of DVB AG for 64 trams and 40 buses. The reconstruction of the depot as 1st construction phase was realised.

Workshop concept Dresden Gorbitz for DVB AG

For Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe, VCDB analysed the changed requirements for tram maintenance and the resulting user requirement specification and then developed concepts for adapting the workshop infrastructure at the central location in Dresden-Gorbitz.

Expert planning of the charging infrastructure in the bus depots of ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG

ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG plans the transition to electric buses on all bus routes in the city centre. Together with Müller & Bleher, office for electrical engineering, VCDB is assigned with the planning of the charging infrastructure in the bus depots Mittelfeld and Vahrenwald for depot charging.

Production supervision of Alstom EMUs for Luxemburg national rail Société nationale des chemins de fer luxembourgeois

Alstom has been awarded to supply 34 regional double deck Coradia trains. The production are going to take place in Barcelona, Spain, and shall undergo an intensive production supervision. This includes raw carbody inspections, several in-process inspections and final acceptance test including test drives.

Procurement of low-floor trams and production supervision for HEAG Mobilo Darmstadt

HEAG Mobilo awarded Stadler to deliver low-floor trams for Darmstadt. VCDB accompanies the whole process – starting with technical discussions, inspections of welded components up to the factory acceptance tests.

Acceleration concept for trams of the LVB

The tram is the backbone of urban public transport in most of the main traffic routes within the city of Leipzig. The task of the VCDB was to stabilize the operational processes with the acceleration concept of the tram and thus avoid additional requirements to maintain the scope of the possibilities.

Integrated traffic concept for the old town of Stendal

The VCDB worked together with the engineering office Buschmann on the integrated traffic concept for the old town of Stendal. The traffic concept aims at optimising all means of transport and especially at further promoting cycling.

Integrated traffic concept Halberstadt city centre

The design of Halberstadt's inner city is of particular importance on the way to a barrier-free municipality and against the background of demographic change. In the integrated traffic concept drawn up by VCDB, measures for all modes of transport have been developed. These were presented in the context of citizens' workshops.

Concept for bus acceleration with the aim of improved air quality for the Regensburg transport association

Das steigende Verkehrsaufkommen im innerstädtischen Raum führt zu einer sinkenden Reisegeschwindigkeit im Busverkehr und senkt so auch die Attraktivität des ÖPNV. Die VCDB sollte hierzu ein Konzept zur Busbeschleunigung mit verschiedenen Maßnahmen und dem Ziel der Sicherung von Attraktivität und Qualität des ÖPNV entwickeln.

Conceptual traffic management during the construction period for the Chemnitz railway arch project

In the course of modernization work, 4 railway bridges in the heart of the city of Chemnitz are being renovated, which cross numerous streets and tram lines. Therefore, a particularly high need for coordination between the parties involved is required when the VCDB creates a traffic management concept.

New store and commercial building with a hotel at the main train station in Dresden, Traffic analysis and planning of a traffic light system

A shop and business building with an adjacent central bus station is being built near the main train station. For the connection, the VCDB plans, after performance and necessity tests, to equip the junction with a traffic light system, which is to guarantee a safe and efficient access to the area.

Public transport concept for Potsdam

The state capital Potsdam is currently experiencing a strong population growth, which will continue and lead to a significant population increase until 2030. The aim of the study was to develop and evaluate measures to strengthen public transport and thus make the switch to public transport more attractive.

Tram extension concept Braunschweig - Services for Standardised Evaluation

The light rail network is the backbone of public transport in Brunswick. In order to take developments in Brunswick into account, the light rail network is being examined for useful extensions and additions. VCDB accompanies the city of Brunswick and the BSVG with economic feasibility studies according to the standardised assessment procedure.

Investigation of bus depot locations for the Regiobus Hannover

regiobus Hannover has currently five depot locations. Together with BbA from Hamburg, a long-term concept for the future depot locations was developed and evaluated.

Feasibility of tramway extension Berlin Hermannplatz

For the planned tram extension from the S+U station Warschauer Straße to the underground station Hermannplatz in Berlin, VCDB carried out the basic evaluation. Scope of services was the modelling and planning of several variants and their comparison. Furthermore, the results of the investigations were presented and discussed in a citizens' dialogue.

Study on current and prognostic bottlenecks and solutions in Berlin's public transport system

With its analysis of the future viability of Berlin's public transport system, VCDB provided IHK Berlin with a basis for representing the interests of Berlin's business community in current plans for public transport (e.g. StEP Verkehr, preparation of local transport plans).

Study to improve the public transport connection between Wilsdruff and Dresden

The Wilsdruff-Dresden route is an important urban-rural relationship within the upper Elbe transport network. Against the background of the increasing traffic volume in Dresden, the study examined various options for attractive and efficient public transport connections with the aim of transfering journeys from private car to public transport.

Traffic simulation Dieselstraße and AGR city center in Wolfsburg

In Wolfsburg, an "Alternative Green Route" (AGR) on Nordsteimker Straße is to be set up as a quality bus system and vehicle traffic is to be bundled on Dieselstraße.Therefore, the VCDB carries out a traffic-technical investigation to determine the performance with the forecast traffic development and the planned measures.

Traffic investigation by using traffic simulation - pre-planning Güntzstraße

The state capital Dresden intends to expand the Güntzstraße including the intersections Straßburger Platz and Güntzplatz. By the fundamental expansion of the route, barrier-free stops, the expansion of the track axis spacing and the construction of new bicycle paths are also planned.

Appropriateness assessment for a tram line in Vinnytsia (Ukraine)

The city of Vinnytsia is an outstanding centre in western central Ukraine and is one of the most progressive and ambitious cities in Ukraine. For a new direct tram connection between the main railway station and the city centre, VCDB examined the operational compatibility and economic expediency.

Update of the public transport plan of the state capital Potsdam 2019-2023

With the update of the local transport plan, a secure and solid planning basis is created in the field of public transport, which takes transport and budgetary policy aspects into account. Furthermore, it serves to define the requirements for public transport clearly, to concretise investment projects and to implement improvements in services.

Berchtesgadener Land mobility concept

The district of Berchtesgadener Land, with its pre-alpine to alpine location and its proximity to the Austrian border, has special challenges in the daily traffic flow. The developed mobility concept provides macro-economically meaningful intermodal solution approaches for overall transport planning until 2030 at the municipal and district level.

Investigation of variants for tram extension Turmstraße Berlin

For the extension of the tramway route from the underground station Turmstraße in the direction of Moabit and Charlottenburg, several routes for two investigation corridors with the Virchow-Klinikum or S+U Jungfernheide were investigated and evaluated. The comparison of variants included spatial, operational, financial, urban planning and environmental criteria.

Traffic and noise survey Quedlinburger Straße Berlin

Two development plans are planned for Quedlinburger Strasse in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The object of the investigation was to work out the traffic effects of the project and to compile a basis for further planning, e.g. for traffic noise investigations.

Traffic and feasibility study in the area around Gartenfelder Insel in the district Spandau of Berlin

The Gartenfelder Insel is one of Berlin's major locations for creating new living space. The subject of the project was a feasibility study of a superordinate main road between Daumstraße and Gartenfelder Straße with the aim of determining a prefered route variant for the next planning stages.

Traffic model Heidelberg

Together with the offices IVAS and SSP, VCDB is developing a traffic model for the city of Heidelberg. This model is intended to be an important base for infrastructure programmes as well as spatial and transport policy decisions. As an integrated traffic model it includes road traffic, public transport, cycling and pedestrian

Traffic planning investigation of the Maxim-Gorki-Strasse educational campus in Dresden

VCDB investigated the external connection of the education campus with the aim of an improved interlinking of the transport systems. Special attention was paid to the special needs of hearing impeared children. The concept focused on the connection of the bus stops with the campus and the crossability of Maxim Gorki Street.

Traffic investigation Pfronten-Ried

The townscape of Pfronten-Ried is characterised by two traffic axes with a high load of cars. These axis have a strong impact on the quality of life in the city district of Ried. VCDB created an traffic concept as a part of an integrated development concept. The concept contributes to the elimination of urban deficiencies in the vicinity of the railway station in…

Adjustment of the traffic signal control at the intersection Klosterstrasse / Altonaer Strasse as part of the clean air plan

The speed limit in the Klosterstrasse, Berlin-Spandau has been reduced to 30 km/h. Accordingly several parameters of the traffic signal control system like travel times of public transport has to be adapted. The effectiveness of those adaptations will be demonstrated by test runs.

New depot for electric buses in Moosach, Munich

A new bus depot with an integrated office building is being developed in the north west of Munich, which will be gradually equipped with charging infrastructure. VCDB is supporting the planning process from the handover point of the distribution grid to the connector socket.

Electric bus operation on the regional bus line 232 of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association

The VCDB supports the introduction of an electric bus system on the MVV regional bus line 232. The overall project covers all phases from the conception of the electric bus system through the tendering of the operating performance, the procurement of vehicles and charging infrastructure to the commissioning of the entire system.

Update of the traffic model of Berlin

VCDB updated the official integrated traffic model for the City of Berlin up to the 2030 prognosis. The unique role of the traffic model is its size: 1,500 traffic districts, 23 demand groups and 21 factors affecting trip generation. In addition to the update of the traffic model, the general usability was simplified for its use in traffic planning processes.

Conceptual Design of the Timetable for the regional bus lines in the area of Radeberg

The network of regional busses in the area of the towns of Radeberg, Pulsnitz, Ottendorf-Okrilla and Königsbrück and its adjustment to the main regional rail services were examined. The concept of PlusBus including a restructuring of the bus lines between Radeberg, Ottendorf-Okrilla and Dresden-Klotzsche was implemented.

Feasibility Study for the Revitalisation of Dresden‘s Fernsehturm (Television Tower)

The Television Tower of Dresden is landmark of the city. It is currently not open to the public. Together with Grebner Beraten + Planen GmbH we collaborated on the feasibility study for the revitalisation of the Television Tower. The following topics were processed by us: prognosis of visitor demand, transport and economic feasibility, including a connection via cable car.…

City Train Station Richard-Strauss-Platz in Dresden

Since the beginning of the 1990s the erection of a train station at the Richard-Strauss-Platz in the City of Dresden is part of urban traffic concepts. It is also included in the Traffic Development Plan 2025plus. To allow detailed conclusions about the future use of the projected city train station VCDB implemented an assessment of potential users and a cost-benefit…

Urban Mobility Plan for the City of Kempten 2030

One of the strategic goals of the City of Kempten is the realisation of transport sustainability. Therefore the City has set itself the goal of setting up an urban mobility plan. The development of the mobility plan, which is to be understood as a holistic traffic development plan, includes the equal consideration of all modes of transport and mobility developments.

Public Transport Planning for Kempten

Based on detailed analyses of spatial data and demand, VCDB developed a new scheme for Kempten’s public transport. In collaboration with Kempten municipal administration, and participating public transport companies, a concept was generated that enables a considerable increase of the public transport’s attractiveness while regarding the economic feasibility.

Investment strategy for the railbound public transport in Mülheim a. d. R.

Through the discussion about the sustainability and affordability of the Mülheim public transport system, the VCDB, together with its partner BbA GmbH created a medium-to-long-term investment strategy for the railbound public transport for the City of Mülheim a. d. R.

Integrated traffic concept for the "Überseestadt" Bremen

The area of "Überseestadt" inside the City of Bremen represents the most important inner-city development area of ​​the Hanseatic city. Even today, numerous traffic challenges have emerged because of the enormous expansion in recent years. VCDB, together with IVAS developed an integrated traffic concept for this emerging and rapidly developing location.

Reactivation of regional railway lines in Lower Saxony

The state of Lower Saxony started an investigation about the reactivation of regional railway lines in the year 2013. In the final stage, VCDB carried out a cost-benefit study for five railway lines to examine the economic feasibility.

Traffic analysis Schoeneberger Linse, Berlin

VCDB undertook a complex traffic analysis accompanying the area „Schoeneberger Linse“ in Berlin southwest district „Tempelhof-Schoeneberg“. A traffic flow model for the road transport was built in order to quantify and evaluate the specific effects of the development of the area. The goal was to evaluate the effects in traffic organisation and performance of the junctions.…

Traffic light and road construction plans for the Sonnenallee in Berlin

Due to the planned cycle time compression of the M41 bus line, traffic-related measures are to be implemented in Sonnenallee in Berlin-Neuköln. The VCDB deals with the planning of reprogramming/ program adjustments of traffic light systems, markings, signage for special bus lanes and construction measures for stop caps.

New tram line Ostkreuz in Berlin

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR intend to build a new tram line at the Ostkreuz. The focus of the project processing by the VCDB are the road and track construction planning, variant studies and simulation of the traffic flow in selected areas.

Low floor Light Rail Vehicles for Antwerpen and Gent (Belgium)

VCDB's Vehicle Technology team supports the Flemish transport company De Lijn in the extensive modernisation of its tram fleet. 48 vehicles (with an option for another 40 vehicles) are manufactured by Bombardier Transportation. Our specialists are tasked with external construction supervision at the production sites.

2. Nord-Süd-Verbindung der Straßenbahn in Magdeburg, Bauabschnitt 7

Die 2. Nord-Süd-Verbindung der Straßenbahn stellt eine wesentliche Ergänzung des Straßenbahnnetzes in Magdeburg dar. Der Bauabschnitt 7 beinhaltet die Führung der Straßenbahn über die Raiffeisenstraße/Warschauer Straße und damit das Herstellen einer Querspange zwischen den Streckenästen entlang der Schönebecker Straße und der Leipziger Straße.

Relation Dresden - Königsbrück: Comparison of EBO, BOStrab and Bus Operation Variants

As the leader of a consortium with several offices, VCDB carried out an extensive and detailed comparison of the EBO and BOStrab variants for operating the Dresden - Königsbrück route. The comparison was based on demand forecasts, economic appraisals and preliminary planning of the traffic infrastructure for an operation in accordance with BOStrab or EBO.

Low floor Light Rail Vehicles for Essen and Mülheim (Germany)

The Via Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH had a total of 32 Flexity Classic low floor trams manufactured by Bombardier Transportation for its transport companies Essener Verkehrs-AG and Mülheimer VerkehrsGesellschaft mbH. The VCDB was commissioned with the construction supervision as well as quality controls and final factory tests.

Variant comparison to link public railway system and tram network in Berlin Ostkreuz

VCDB undertook a two-stage, multi-criteria evaluation and selection procedure to find the preferred variant to link the urban and regional railway hub “Ostkreuz“ to the tram network. During this process, route proposals from citizens' initiatives were also included.

Low floor Light Rail Vehicles for Blackpool (UK)

To keep up with the increasing mobility demands, the route network in the coastal town of Blackpool has been modernised and 16 low floor Flexity 2 trams have been procured. The VCDB was commissioned for its extensive experience in construction supervision at the Bombardier production sites in Bautzen and Vienna.