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Local public transport has always played a crucial role in mobility in German urban areas. High-quality, resource-conserving and customer-oriented service is now almost a matter of course. Local public transport is an integral part of urban life.

In some other countries, a shift in thinking toward usefulness of good public transport systems for the benefit of all is only slowly taking place. Especially countries with rapid economic development, strong population growth of urban structures often need new efficient metro, streetcar, light rail or bus systems to solve their urban traffic problems.

After structural completion, there is often an initial lack of necessary expertise and experience to operate the new system. Experts from other transport companies or specialized consultants are therefore entrusted with operational preparation and long-term operational assistance.

For this task, VCDB can rely on its experienced employees of Dresden and Berlin transport companies. Our experts have already been involved in various international projects - including in Turkey, Greece, Thailand, China and Gabon.

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