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Smart Solution for TSP Influence in Public Transport

Your need

  • As a city transport company, you are still using analog radio data transmission for Traffic Signal Preemption (TSP) and are planning to migrate to a digital radio system.
  • As a regional transport company, you use public mobile communications as a communication system and would also like to use this for a TSP system.
  • The transport companies in your municipality use different radio systems. You want to prioritize everyone equally at the traffic signals.
  • You would like to know what the TSP should look like in the future.

Our solution

We have developed a universal digital-analog standardized evaluation and reception unit (DANAË). With our DANAË, analog and digital radio signals can be received, decoded and processed at the same time and forwarded to the TSP control unit via a standardized interface.

DANAË possesses these properties:

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) – making it flexible with regard to future changes or expansions
  • Processing of analog radio data (VDV standard, NEMO etc.)
  • Public transport telegram transmission via LTE with integrated runtime compensation
  • Remote maintenance with Internet connection (use of a SIM card) possible
  • Interfaces to well-known TSP companies (Yunex, Swarco, Dresden-Elektronik)
  • Hardware delivery as a 19-inch rack module or for mounting on DIN mounting rail

Our other services related to TSP interference:

  • Support in the planning of communication and operational control systems
  • Development of C-ITS equipment concepts for vehicles and infrastructure
  • Simulation of complex traffic light system nodes with TSP for public transport
  • Support in planning and maintenance of data for the traffic light reporting points
  • Development and development of acceleration concepts for transport networks

Your contact:

Dr. Alexander Bunzel a.bunzel@vcdb.de