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Intelligent Solutions for TSP Systems in Public Transport

The Problem

  • Do you as an urban public transport company still use analogue radio data transmission for Traffic Signal Preemption (TSP) and intend to change over to a digital radio professional system?
  • Do you as a regional transport company use public mobile radio as a communication system and would also like to use this for a TSP system?
  • Do the transport companies in your community all use different radio systems and they would all like priority at the traffic signals?
  • You wonder what the TSP of the future will be like?

Even if analogue radio data transmission is, at present, still widely-used to control traffic signals, the increasing digitalisation of the communication systems means it is necessary to upgrade to digital transmission in the middle to long term.
Unfortunately, there is no standardisation in digital as there is in analogue transmissions, so several types of transmissions have to be received and processed by the traffic light system. Usually the traffic light controlling
devices only have one interface to receive decoded public transport data telegrams.

The Solution

The VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH (VCDB) have developed an universal digital-analogue standardised evaluation unit (DANAË).
With this analogue and digital radio signals can simultaneously be received, decoded and processed, and forwarded to the traffic light controlling device via a standardised interface.

The DANAË has the following properties:

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) which means more flexibility with regards to future changes/expansions
  • Processing of analogue radio data telegrams (VDV e.g. German standards, NEMO, etc.)
  • GPRS/UMTS with integrated latency compensation
  • Set up to be used with TETRA and/or Tetrapol
  • Interfaces with renowned traffic light system companies (Siemens, Swarco, Dresden-Elektronik)
  • Supplied on standard hardware or as licenced software

In addition to this VCDB offer services connected with TSP in the following areas:

  • Support in planning communication and operations control systems
  • Simulation of complex traffic light system nodes with TSP for public transport
  • Support in planning and maintenance of data for the traffic light reporting points

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