New depot for electric buses in Moosach, Munich

  • Branch:  Electric Mobility

  • Focuses:  Charging Infrastructure, Depots and Workshops, Changeover to Electric Bus

A new bus depot with an integrated office building is being developed in the north west of Munich, which will be gradually equipped with charging infrastructure. VCDB is supporting the planning process from the handover point of the distribution grid to the connector socket.

Electric bus operation on the regional bus line 232 of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association

  • Branch:  Electric Mobility

  • Focuses:  Requirement Specifications, Charging Infrastructure, Assistance of procurement

The VCDB supports the introduction of an electric bus system on the MVV regional bus line 232. The overall project covers all phases from the conception of the electric bus system through the tendering of the operating performance, the procurement of vehicles and charging infrastructure to the commissioning of the entire system.

Update of the traffic model of Berlin

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Traffic Prognosis, Traffic Flow Modelling

VCDB updated the official integrated traffic model for the City of Berlin up to the 2030 prognosis. The unique role of the traffic model is its size: 1,500 traffic districts, 23 demand groups and 21 factors affecting trip generation. In addition to the update of the traffic model, the general usability was simplified for its use in traffic planning processes.

Conceptual Design of the Timetable for the regional bus lines in the area of Radeberg

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Economic Feasibility Studies

Untersuchung des Regionalbusnetzes im Raum Radeberg/ Pulsnitz/ Ottendorf-Okrilla/ Königsbrück mit Schwerpunkten in der Abstimmung des Regionalbusverkehrs mit dem übergeordneten SPNV-Netzes, der Umsetzung des PlusBus-Konzeptes sowie in der Neustrukturierung der Linien im Bereich Radeberg – Ottendorf-Okrilla – Dresden-Klotzsche.

Feasibility Study for the Revitalisation of Dresden‘s Fernsehturm (Television Tower)

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Transport Concepts, Economic Feasibility Studies

The Television Tower of Dresden is landmark of the city. It is currently not open to the public. Together with Grebner Beraten + Planen GmbH we collaborated on the feasibility study for the revitalisation of the Television Tower. The following topics were processed by us: prognosis of visitor demand, transport and economic feasibility, including a connection via cable car.…

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