Analysis of requirements and adaptation of workshop equipment based on the new NGT DX DD tram

  • Branch:  Infrastructure Planning

  • Focuses:  Workshop Planning, Planning of Workshop Equipment, Feasibility Study, Concept Development

DVB AG will put a new generation of NGT DX DD trams with 2.65 m wide car bodies into operation from June 2021. VCDB will accompany the necessary spatial adaptation measures in the workshops and the planning of the workshop equipment.

Electric bus operation of Stadtverkehr Friedrichshafen GmbH

  • Branch:  Electric Mobility

  • Focuses:  Feasibility Study, Evaluation Procedures for System Innovations in Public Transport, Changeover to Electric Bus

In preparation for upcoming tendering procedures for public transport services in the urban area of Friedrichshafen, the VCDB is commissioned by Stadtverkehr Friedrichshafen GmbH to carry out a detailed feasibility study to examine the technical and economic requirements for the implementation of an electric bus system.

Production supervision of Alstom Citadis trams for VGF Frankfurt/Main

  • Branch:  Rail Vehicle Technology

  • Focuses:  Manufacturing Supervision, Quality Controls and Final Factory Tests, Car Body Shell Inspections

VGF has awarded Alstom to deliver 43 Citades trams. Those trams are going to be inspected in nearly every production step by the specialists of VCDB. Beginning with first-article-inspections and raw carbody inspections up to the factory acceptence test.

Project review for the tram depot Ständlerstraße (Munich)

  • Branch:  Infrastructure Planning

  • Focuses:  Workshop Planning

The workshop planning team supports BbA in the project review to check the preliminary planning for the conversion and new construction of a tram depot of Stadtwerke München GmbH in Ständlerstraße, which includes parking area, workshops as well as administration and social buildings.

Alternative drive concepts in the bus sector of SWU Verkehr – Hydrogen buses

  • Branch:  Electric Mobility

  • Focuses:  Subsidy Management

In a feasibility study, SWU Verkehr had the VCDB investigate the use of alternative drives in the bus sector. On the basis of the system decision, VCDB has been commissioned with the subsidy management for the pilot use of hydrogen buses in addition to the subsidy management for electric buses.

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