Traffic analysis of the Attilastraße urban district in Berlin

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Transport Concept, Transport Concepts

In the Berlin district Tempelhof-Schöneberg, a new, innovative and low-car use quarter is being created between Attilastraße and Röblingstraße. VCDB is investigating the effects of the project on the surrounding traffic network and provides consulting services on the inner development of the quarter.

Traffic concept Frankfurter Allee Nord in Berlin

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Transport Concept, Transport Concepts

For the large area north of the Frankfurter Allee in Berlin Lichtenberg, VCDB is carrying out an overall traffic planning concept. This involves in-depth studies for three spatial focal points, including the Campus for Democracy on the site of the former Ministry for State Security of the GDR.

Traffic assessment Berlin "Siemensstadt 2.0"

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Transport Concepts, Traffic Flow Modelling, Transport Concept

"Siemensstadt 2.0" is to be built on the site of the previous production and industrial location Siemensstadt. The objective of the traffic assessment was to create an expert opinion for the urban development competition, including an evaluation of the quality of development of the planning area for all modes of transport.

Analysis of requirements and adaptation of workshop equipment based on the new NGT DX DD tram

  • Branch:  Infrastructure Planning

  • Focuses:  Workshop Planning, Planning of Workshop Equipment, Feasibility Study, Concept Development

DVB AG will put a new generation of NGT DX DD trams with 2.65 m wide car bodies into operation from June 2021. VCDB will accompany the necessary spatial adaptation measures in the workshops and the planning of the workshop equipment.

Feasibility study for a possible tram line to Zeisigwaldstraße in Chemnitz

  • Branch:  Transport Planning/Economics

  • Focuses:  Traffic Flow Modelling, Variant Analysis, Economic Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is to examine how the bus line 51 between Chemnitz main station and Zeisigwaldstraße can be replaced by a tram. A cost-benefit analysis will then be carried out to determine eligibility for funding.

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